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Well, nothing much has happen lately.

But, what I’m writing now is about that a manga company Tokyopop is really taking TOO LONG to license the good mangas.

Like one of them is Kilala Princess. I really like this series a lot when I was in Grade 3-5, but then I’m pissed off because I wanted to read more of the series!!
(I’m not sure if someone translated the series, but PLEASE TELL ME IF THERE’S ONE!!!)

Also the obvious one is the Kingdom Hearts Series. I’m still waiting for Volume 3 for Kingdom Hearts II & somehow it kept on delaying it a lot. That pretty much got me really mad because I really want the volume & other ones later too! (I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME!!!)

Anyway, this concerns about the KH II Manga. I found the site that has the translations for the series!!
I’m really excited to see the rest of the series!
If you’re one of those people that really want to see the chapters, then go to this link now:
Link: Shounen Gangan


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