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Shugo Chara Vol.12 & SC Illustrations Vol.2 News

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I’m not sure how to say this, but it’s true.

Official Nakayoshi site, where they published Shugo Chara is announcing that they’re releasing Vol.12 & the 2nd Illustration book.

Here’s the info:
★ 特報! 「しゅごキャラ!」ファンのあなたに!
2010年10月6日 メモリアル同時発売!!! ★

● コミック最終巻 KC『しゅごキャラ!』12巻
(1) 今回の最終話をアニメと同じ声優さんの声で収録!
(2) なんとCDにはPEACH-PIT先生によるミニドラマも収録予定!!!
● カラーイラスト第2集 「ILLUSTRATIONS 2」も同日発売!!
ILLUSTRATIONS 2には、第1集で未収録のトビラや「なかよし」の表紙イラストのほか、特装版コミックでかきおろされたポストカード用イラストも掲載。&カバーは特大かきおろしポスターになる特別装丁!

Then here’s the poorly translated one (Use Google Translate):

★ News flash! “Shugo Chara!” You fans!
Memorial simultaneous release October 6, 2010! ! ! ★

● The last volume comic KC [Shugo Chara! 12, vol.
Simultaneous Release Special Edition Limited Edition Limited Edition! !
Comic drama with a limited edition CD! !
(1) Same voice actor and voice recording the last episode of this anime!
(2) The CD will be how PEACH-PIT also includes a mini drama teacher! ! !
In other speechless, it’s an original story!
Special Edition, of course,
(1) Beautiful Glitter sleeve
(2) Limited Edition Original Cover
(3) Postcards from the upper five Kakioroshi
(4) color frontispiece Page 6
With four major awards! !
● Vol 2 color illustrations “ILLUSTRATIONS 2” released the same day! !
ILLUSTRATIONS 2, or Door not included in the first series, “Nakayoshi” In addition to the cover illustration, also published in comic illustration for postcard Kakiorosa Special Edition. And posters will cover extra binding Kakioroshi Giant!

*Just hope someone could properly translate this better. I’m not good in Japanese (“=3=)*
Hope your excited about this news!!
Release Date: Oct.6 2010
That’s all!!


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