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“Alternate” Rozen Maiden Volume 4 Cover


Since its a made by Peach-Pit (creators of Shugo Chara), I’ll put it anyways. I’m not sure why I put alternate, but it’s sort of like another series of Rozen Maiden.
Here’s the info in Wikipedia:

In March 2008, a one-shot manga titled Shōjo no Tsukuri-kata (“How to Make a Girl”) appeared in Japan’s Weekly Young Jump magazine, briefly telling the story of the making of Shinku. Soon afterwards, Peach-Pit announced that Rozen Maiden would once again be serialized, this time in Weekly Young Jump magazine, a fact which was confirmed in the April 17, 2008 issue.

The second manga series—with individual chapters referred to as “tales”—began serialization in issue 20 of Weekly Young Jump. Despite appearing in a weekly magazine, the manga continues to be released in monthly installments, as the original did in Birz. The manga is again titled “Rozen Maiden”, and stars an older Jun, now a university student. Jun’s workaday life is disrupted when he suddenly finds himself in possession of a weekly magazine titled “How to Make a Girl”, which comes with a box containing doll parts. He decides to put together the doll from the parts he has received, and, after receiving mysterious communications from someone claiming to be a past version of him, is soon able to awaken Shinku. The series continues, following Jun’s struggles to deal with his new life with Shinku, and elucidating many of the mysteries brought about by the sudden ending of the previous manga series. This series is a continuation of Rozen Maiden but features a different Jun. This Jun lives in an alternate world where, when he received the letter from Hollie, with the choices “wind” or “don’t wind”, Jun did not choose anything, and put the letter in the desk drawer. Both “wind” Jun and “don’t wind” Jun exist in the same universe and do interact at some point in the series.
3 tankōbon volumes have currently been published in Japan, with no word as yet on whether the second series will be published in English.

Anyway here’s the cover of volume 4:

Release Date: Sept.17, 2010

And here are the other volumes that are now available:

(Click images for bigger view)

You can try here if you want to order: Here

P.S: I’m curious, if you happen to find scans of the manga that has been translated, please tell me in the comments. I want to see what it’s like!

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2 thoughts on ““Alternate” Rozen Maiden Volume 4 Cover

  1. You can find the “Tale” chapters on Mangafox. What’s been translated so far, anyways.

    It will be confusing, though, if you’re not familiar with the setting and plot of the first story since Tale is more of a continuation than an AU.

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