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Shugo Chara Volume 12 Special & Limited Edition Covers


Already mentioned the Regular Edition, and now it’s the Special & Limited Edition for the final volume of Shugo Chara!

Here’s the covers:

(Special Edition)
The Special Edition is pretty much like the previous volumes with the colored illustrations & the postcards for volume 12.

(Limited Edition)
The Limited Edition for this volume will have a Drama CD. The Drama CD is a mystery, but eventually for the people that is gonna buy it, they’ll probably upload it on media hosting sites like Youtube.

Release Date: Oct.6, 2010

P.S – For those that didn’t see the regular edition, here’s the link:

5 thoughts on “Shugo Chara Volume 12 Special & Limited Edition Covers

  1. yay! thanks for the info ^^

  2. L’Edition normal est prévu pour le mois de Février ,mais l’Editon spécial et l’Edition limité ,c’est pour quand ?Je sais bien qu’il faut le commandé ,mais puisque au mois de Janvier c’est mon anniv’ ,je voudrais le commandé ^^

    • L’edition special et limite c’est seulement dans Japon. Je pense que tu alle dans une site comme Amazon ou autre site pour le achete. Je suis desole.

  3. I remember Peach-Pit saying that they were also coming out with a short story written by them… Have you heard anything about that?

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