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Kamei Eri, Jun Jun & Lin Lin Graduation From Morning Musume & H!P

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I would have done this sooner but I was busy with school, anyway…

On December 15, they had their last performance in Yokohama Arena. It’s really sad, but it’s for their own good.

Here are my comments on the members below:

Kamei Eri – She is definitely one of my favorite members of Morning Musume. She’s one of the members that I always looking forward to like it’s either their new singles, PVs, concert appearances, etc. Since she’s graduating, I’ll really miss her a lot!! I hope that her skin will recover soon & will do good later in the future.

Jun Jun – Honestly, I don’t really pay attention to her or mostly the 8th generation members (Aika, Lin Lin, Jun Jun). So, I don’t really have that much to say, but hopefully she’ll do good in her future.

Lin Lin – I also didn’t pay attention to her. But that’s suck!! When, I heard her voice in the graduation concert, she was awesome! Still, she (also Jun Jun) should get more attention for the fans. I wish that she would stay in the group longer so I get to know her more, but still, she’ll do good later in the future.

Here’s the Graduation DVDs for the members:

Kamei Eri:
Download: Here

Jun Jun & Lin Lin:
Download: Here

More Info On The Graduation: Here

Good Luck You Guys!! (Oh wait, they’re girls)
That’s All!


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