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Shugo Chara Anime Season 4!?


It seems that recently Peach-Pit received an e-mail and tried to convinced them to continue the anime by following the manga. It seems to be a great opportunity for us Shugo Chara fans, even though Season 3 seems to disappoint most of us. But, hopefully if there is Season 4, it would definitely follow the manga not with bunch of fillers (Rikka…,etc.).

Anyway sign this petition if want Season 4 of Shugo Chara:
Link: Here

Let’s work together Shugo Chara Fans, for Season 4!!!

6 thoughts on “Shugo Chara Anime Season 4!?

  1. Seriously?! I need to sign that petition!!!!!!

  2. After what they did to season three, honestly, I shudder at the thought of yet another one. They needed to stop a long time ago.

    Unless they somehow manage to go back to how the anime was in season one, the last thing I want to see is another continuation. As far as I’m concerned, Party isn’t Shugo Chara.

  3. i hope they make a season 4 im waiting for it so i can watch it im a huge fan

  4. yah,, for the author pleas hear our request because we do really love shugo chara,, we love it since season 1 and 3

  5. season 4 might be beter than season 3 so I whant another season !

  6. I want another season. But can you please not add noncartoon people into the show. I’m sorry but to me that kinda just ruined it for me.

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