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Shugo Chara News


I haven’t posted very much, because of school. It’s keeping me occupied, a lot!!!

Anyway, it’s about time to post some Shugo Chara related news (I would have done it way before…)

-First, Peach-Pit made an artwork of the characters, in Junior High! It’s a poster (or a postcard?) for either February or March issue (I don’t remember..)

-Second, the English version of the cover of Volume 10 is released

-Third, Shugo Chara Chan (Spin-off series) will be licensed

-And last, Volume 12 in English will release somewhere in September

That’s it for now!

5 thoughts on “Shugo Chara News

  1. Volume 12 is coming out in September?
    I must buy it.
    The postcard is cooooooooooool!!!!!!!

    • Yeah! By the way, if you want the postcards, you’ll probably have to order the special edition from Japan (They’re exclusive in Japan)

  2. Yay I can’t wait for all the volumes to be released! I looove that postcard! Also I was wondering what Shugo Chara Encore is. I’ve never heard of it on seen in on the net.

  3. oh right so it’s just like volume 12. kyaa! my shugo chara volume 10 arrived today!

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