Random Riku


Hi everyone,

This is Riku here! ^^

As you know, I’m writing a blog so that people will know what’s going on now in the Japanese World (Or maybe not?). But mostly this blog will give out latest updates on different stuff that I would mostly write about.

Ex: Shugo Chara, Kingdom Hearts, etc….

Also, I’ll maybe do some info with different J-pop music but I’m not sure if I’ll will but if I am, then it would be something like:

Ex: Morning Musume, Buono, etc..

*(I’ll also might include some soundtracks from different animes, but that would depend if I’ll do it.)

I guess that will end my short introduction (=_=”) Oh well!)

Hope you enjoyed this blog!!

-Riku- (A.k.a -> Japankal)


3 thoughts on “About

  1. heey :O Oh my goodness :O I love your blog !!! Do you wanna exchange links ?

  2. i can’t find kamichama karin chu…….. where?…..IT IS……..

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