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Watashin ni XX Shinasai Volume 6 & Kami Kami Kaeshi Volume 1 Released

….. let’s just say that the cover of WNxxS! is really revealing….
And KKK is just CUTE!!!

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Watashi ni xx Shinasai Volume 5 Cover

It was previewed on Ema Tooyama’s official site, not on Nakayoshi (Probably later they’ll put it up).

Here’s the cover:

Release Date: Feb./04/2011

Ema Tooyama’s Official Site: Here
Nakayoshi Official Site (For Other Book Release): Here


Shugo Chara Manga Volume 10 & 11 English Release Dates

The release dates for the English version of Shugo Chara Volume 10 & 11 will be under the license of Kodansha USA not Del Rey > (They will take over all of the manga titles from Del Rey):

Volume 10: May 10, 2011
Volume 11: July 12, 2011

It’s not really the exact date, so it could change